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“Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for all you have done.“
- A.G. Gainesville, FL
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Standing with Gainesville’s Injured and
Disabled for 30 Years

Recovering from injuries can be a struggle. However, when injuries are coupled with other problems—such as not having access to medical care, being unable to work or holding a negligent party liable—the situation tends to be more frustrating. If that is the situation you are in, it is important to work with experienced attorneys who can provide the legal counsel you need.

At the Goldberg Law Office, we have been serving individuals throughout north central Florida for 30 years. We understand that the people we are representing are facing all sorts of challenges, so we strive to help clients receive the compensation and support they need to address other concerns.

A Personal Approach in All Injury Cases

We take a personal approach to our client relationships. We understand that the people we are working with are struggling with serious health problems or injuries, do not have the medical care they need, or have been denied insurance or benefits. Our goal is to obtain the results for which we were hired, while providing support and counsel during difficult times.

We work with a team of assistants who are always available to speak with clients. However, clients can always speak directly with the lawyers who are handling their cases. If an attorney is not available when you call, we will return your call promptly, usually within 48 hours. We do not treat individuals differently based on the size of the case because we know that injuries can be traumatic for anyone.