An Experienced Team of Gainesville Attorneys

When you are working through the legal system, it is important to find lawyers who will be accessible throughout your case. You need someone who will answer your questions promptly, without making you wait for the answers you need. An attorney who will be sensitive to the struggles you are facing, while still fighting aggressively for your rights.

When you contact the Goldberg Law Office, that is exactly what you will find. Our Gainesville, Florida, attorneys have been representing individuals throughout north central Florida since 1986, and clients appreciate the following principles of our firm:


  • Experienced: Since opening our firm over 25 years ago, we have focused on the same main practice areas the entire time. We have handled thousands of personal injury and disability cases during our practice, ranging from relatively small cases to multimillion dollar cases.
  • Personable: We take a personal approach to our client relationships. Clients are more than case numbers and legal problems: They are individuals who are struggling because of an injury or accident. To make sure our clients always receive the care they need, we work with a team of assistants who answer questions that arise. However, at any time, clients may request to speak with the attorney who is handling their case.
  • Honest and direct: Many law firms have individuals who screen calls, so lawyers only talk with the people who have the most “qualified” cases. Our attorneys talk with every person who calls about a practice area we handle, regardless of whether we take the case. If we do not take your case, we will always provide a detailed explanation of our reasoning.
  • Effective: When we are handling cases, we use detailed preparation and strategy to find the most effective solutions available. In most cases, negotiation is less expensive and less stressful than litigation. However, if we are not able to get the settlements our clients deserve, we litigate. Although we are experienced trial attorneys, litigation is never the first step we take in resolving cases.

If you are suffering from an injury or illness, we can help you receive the compensation you need. Learn more about the representation we offer by contacting us online or calling (352) 376-1200.