Jonathan Goldberg

After graduating from Gainesville High School, Jonathan began his studies at the University of Florida. His love for the outdoors then brought him to the University of Colorado, where he immersed himself in their political science program. He took his studies abroad and circled the globe, studying the culture and political institutions of Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, and much of Europe. These experiences cemented Jonathan’s love for exploration and interest in politics. After extensive international travel, he returned to his hometown of Gainesville.

Jonathan then chose to attend law school in Seattle, Washington, largely because of its bustling and technologically advanced environment and its many natural wonders.

After law school, Jonathan again returned to Gainesville to help run the family business.  Since his return to Gainesville in 2004, Jonathan has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury cases. He specializes in motor vehicle accidents (including motorcycle, scooter, and trucking cases), slip and falls, product liability, dog bite (and other animal attacks), wrongful death, and other insurance claims (such as homeowner’s insurance).

Jonathan represents the zeal for representing the injured and disabled and the commitment to personal and caring relationships with our clients that has been the hallmark of the Goldberg Law Office since it was established in 1986.